Amber Sporting Goods Professional Double End Bag0

Amber Sporting Goods Professional Double End Bag

Double End Bags: Amber Sporting GoodsProduct Introduction

Sports and games are nothing without good sports equipment. Sportspersons and lovers of sports and games may realize the importance of good sports practice items. Boxing is a favorite sport among many in the world. It is not just about punching and boxing the opponent on the ring. It requires plenty of techniques and skills to meet the opponent on stage. A good practice requires a good practice item. The Amber Boxing Double End Bag is the right bag to improve one’s skills in boxing. This single rubber bladder is good for a learner to learn basic skills on boxing and ideal for trained boxers to practice every day. It can be kept at the house or at the gym for use.

Product Details

These Double End Bags from Amber are the best Double End Bags for boxers. The bag is a single bladder one. It is fully made of good quality leather for long use and resistance against all odds. There are lace ups and added linings. The seams are welted and the loops are reinforced to give that extra durability to the boxing bag. This bag will also come with some amazing Bungee cords. The hooks are S shaped and gives strength for hanging. The single bladder is replaceable. The bag comes in three convenient sizes of 5”, 7” and 9”. The sizes are convenient enough to be kept anywhere and to be carried about with ease. This wonderful punching bag is priced in the range of $35.00 – $49.79 only.


Amber has created and brought to the market a wonderful and innovative boxing bag in the form of this Amber Boxing Double End Bag. The bag is not only stylish in appearance to suit the tastes of the modern day boxers but also superb in the ways it works. To practice fast punching and improve on this skill this bag is ideal. It comes in three sizes of 5, 7 and 9 inches respectively which mean that the sizes are just perfect to place the bag anywhere. It is about 2 pounds in weight and thus portable. The price is affordable. It is more useful than costly. There is no need to buy suspenders separately. Strong S hooks come along with the bag and a good Bungee rope. This bag is a must have for all boxers.


This boxing bag from Amber is a great product and is highly useful for trainers and practices. There are some reported problems with the S hooks which are said to provide hurdles in the way of practice. The Bungee cords could be better than they are. In spite of such trivial problems the bag holds a good scorecard to its credit. The bag is excellent for fast punching and allows one to develop on fast techniques in boxing. Get Double End Bags from Amber to have that extra in the workout regimes that other workouts lack. With slight improvements on the few drawbacks the bag would be perfect.


Be it for practice or for letting out frustrations there can be nothing better than a good punching bag. The Double End Bag from Amber is then the right thing to look for. Coming in three sizes and trendy looks the bags can be chosen according to one’s suitability. One can simply suspend it anywhere in the house and practice punching anytime of the day. The good quality of the bag enables all round the year use and is strong enough to resist toughness throughout its life span. It is greatly effective for both learners as well as trained ones. Coaches or instructors can surely recommend this Amber bag without much thought.Buy-Now-Button

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