Double End Bag (Speed Ball USA)0

Double End Bag (Speed Ball USA)

Speed Ball USA: Double End BagProduct Introduction

Boxing practices require some tough and heavy duty practice equipment. Good sports equipment makes up a good sportsperson with sincere practice. For boxing besides double end bags the latest boxing equipment here is the Physical Success Partners Boxing Double End Bags. The Speedball is a good boxing practice item and could be included in serious workouts. This bag is partially different from other kinds of double end bags. It works in different ways. A new kind of practice equipment or exercise is always a welcome change from the monotonous every day workouts. This double end bag serves as this change and will liven up the workouts. It is ideal for boxing and martial arts practices and workouts. It is worth a try.

Product Details

Double End Bag (Speed Ball USA)The Speedball is a practice equipment set to be put up at home. It is an easy set up and consists of a floor base which is a PVC bladder. The bladder is welded by laser. The bladder is 9 inches in measurement and made of 6 ounce vinyl. It bears a nylon reinforcement which can hold water up to 45 pounds. The set up can be adjusted to 10 feet which enables anyone to use it whether a short person or a tall one. There are 6mm elastic bungee cords to hold up the set up. There are also patent hooks which are adjustable. Ceiling hardware are additions to this set up. Get Double End Bags from Speedball at discounted pricing.


The Physical Success Partners Boxing Double End Bags come with a whole set up of height of 10 feet which is adjustable. This makes it ideal for users of any height to practice on it with ease and convenience. This entire set up can be put up at the house and practiced. The parts that come with this Double End Bag, like the adjustable hooks, cords and ceiling hardware help in height adjustment. It is perfect for both boxers and martial arts learners. The price is certainly very less and a lot is gained through such a small investment. One would never find it useless after purchasing it. The overall performance of the bag is good. Most importantly practice on this bag will be interesting and make every day workouts lively. This is a good product innovation from the manufacturers. It is a must try for all.


Double Ended Speed BagThe Speedball double end boxing bag is a different kind of practice regiment which makes workouts interesting. The main drawback of this product is that the material of built has no leather on the cover. It is vinyl. However, the performance is similar and good on the whole. Again, these are the best Double End Bags for beginners only and serious boxers and martial artists may find it a useless investment. This is really good for learners. Moreover, the hooks given for adjustment are made of plastic and not metal which needs to be replaced time and again. This can be good for everyday workouts at home to keep fit and stay in shape for boxing. Except for some disadvantages the bag performs well and would not be a disappointment to those who know about the drawbacks beforehand.


This Physical Success Partners Double End Bag is easy to set up and can be put up at the house. It is adjustable in height thus making it convenient both for tall and short people. It is ideal for practicing boxing and martial arts and could be included in one’s daily workout schedules. Its interesting techniques pull away the monotony from daily workouts. Practice on this bag is good for beginners mostly. The bag is cost effective and much is achieved through a small price. It is a good investment for certain.Buy-Now-Button

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