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Ringside Boxing Double End Bag

Double End Bags: Ringside BoxingProduct Introduction

With growing interest in sports and games, interest for sports items is also increasing day by day. At present more and more people are joining sports and thus the need for more and better sports items are on the vogue. A real sportsperson knows the importance and uses of the various sports items. For lovers of boxing and those associated with this sport various spots items have sprung up in recent times. A boxer must try out the new Ringside Boxing Double End Bag to explore new genres. This bag helps the boxer improve on techniques like punching and counter punch successfully and to improve on one’s reflexes. These qualities if worked upon can elevate the level of the boxer. This new bag looks into all these matters.

Product Details

The Ringside Boxing Double End Bag is a total innovation in the field of boxing. This bag is made of top quality leather from all sides. There are long loops both at the top and at the bottom which are again triple reinforced. Included with the bag are Double End bag cables. This amazing bag is available in three sizes, i.e. 5”, 7” and 9”. The user can choose the size that he finds is ideal for him. The bigger sized bags are useful to learn the fundamentals of boxing whereas the smaller ones are useful more for the trained ones. The smaller bags help the box practice and improve upon the hand-eye coordination and improving the quickness of the eye. Get double end bags of such versatility for $49.99 only. The products weigh approximately 5 pounds each. This bag is originally produced in China.


These new boxing bags are just the things for boxers. Both the newcomers in this field as well as the already trained ones in boxing are benefitted through this wonderful product. The bags are available in three different sizes and are quite small. This item bears quite a light weight of about 5 pounds in comparison to other bags of this category. It is extremely handy and portable. The material is good quality leather which elongates the life span of the bag. Also it bears good nylon stitches to resist wear and tear. There are Double End Bag cables that come with this product. Customers have reviewed this bag to be an item of extreme importance to practice.


This bag comes at a handy price considered its vast usefulness and strong resistances to regular uses. It is a seriously good investment. Practisers and coaches can find this item to be the best item for regular practice. Customers too present positive opinions on this product after usage. There is no noted negativity or drawback found on this bag. This Ringside bag is the perfect choice for all boxers. Both learners and trained boxers would find the bag suitable due to its versatile uses. This is one of the best double end bags from the manufacturer.


For boxers the Ringside Boxing Double End Bag is the latest sports item manufactured to help them improve upon certain techniques and skills. Both trained as well as new learners would find this bag handy with the different sizes. It comes at an attainable price and is more useful than the price marked on it. It is no way a bad investment for the buyer. Keeping it at any corner of the house or at the gym, it is handy and problem free wherever it is. This bag is effective and efficient and comes with praises from users. This is certainly a good innovation by the manufacturers.Buy-Now-Button

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