Ringside Cleto Reyes Double End Bag0

Ringside Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

Product IntroductionBoxing Gloves: Ringside Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

Sports and games are loved and followed worldwide. No sports and games would be possible without competent sports equipment. Boxing too requires efficient sports equipment to practice and improve one’s skills and techniques in this field. Double End bags are the latest and highly useful boxing practice equipment of the time. The new Ringside Boxing Double End Bag is an innovative item of use in boxing. This bag is mostly important to improve a boxer’s focus and improve his punching for more precision. This bag is highly efficient in its capabilities and makes a boxer efficient too. This can be used by both coaches and instructors as well as by learners. These are some of the best Double End Bags and thus highly recommended for all boxing enthusiasts.

Product Details

The Ringside Boxing Double End Bag is an interesting product made by manufacturers with great details and thoughts. It is a very compact bag. The size of this boxing bag is also very compact. It measures 7 X 11 inches. The small and compact size actually helps in increasing focus and concentration. It weighs about 9.6 ounces which gives a very light weight to the whole bag. Included with the bag are 2 cables of Double End Bag made of rubber. This bag is true to its words and really helps the boxer to improve focus and also improve upon skills like eye and hand coordination. Get Double End Bags in this category at a price tag which is worth investing.


Double end bags are the most important items of practice in boxing in the modern times. The days of heavy bag workouts are left long behind. The Ringside Double End bags are one of the various double end bags of the time. This Double End Bag is a new invention and a fantastic innovation in double end bags. Ringside bags help in keeping boxers in focus and thus improve concentration on the ring. It enables him to stay alert and cautious on the ring which again enables him to meet the blows from the opponent with great efficiency and throw the counter punches with precision. It helps in an all round development of the boxer. The size of the bag is convenient for practice and suspended anywhere. This is a perfect workout kit both for the house and for the gym. Two rubber cables for suspension are also included with it.


This boxing bag is a great product for workouts. The price can be found to slightly high. The usefulness of the product actually surpasses the cost and turns it to be a good investment. There is no drawback worth noticing by customers. The quality of the bag is very high and the bag is said to be responsive. The bag is compact and light in weight which makes it technically capable of improving one’s concentration and keeps him on his focus. It can be used by instructors and by learners at the same time.


An excellent product to improve focus and concentration is here for boxers. This light weight and compactness initiates the boxer’s focus as he blows punches on the bag. It is also ideal for improving one’s precision in punching and thus developing skills and techniques. This amazing and useful bag although comes at a slightly high price is a onetime buy and surely a good investment. Hardware items like rubber suspenders are also available besides the main item which is the bag. Only by using this bag would a boxer know the greatness what it holds in store. This bag is a really useful and intelligent innovative product from the manufacturer. This Ringside bag is a must try for all.Buy-Now-Button

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