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Title Boxing Classic Advanced Double End Bag

TITLE Boxing Double End Bag ReviewProduct Introduction

Sports and games are the ultimate things to keep one fit, strong, supple and healthy. Sports and games are widely spread all over the world with extreme interest and enthusiasm. Boxing is another sport that is widely loved for centuries. What are sports without good sports equipment? For all the punches and blows that are seen showered on the opponent with such graceful cruelty it requires plenty of practices on the background. The boxing bags are the secrets behind it. Title Boxing Classic Advanced Double End Bag is fine boxing bag equipment that is a must for every boxer to try before hitting the ring. For experiencing those true rebounds in high speed this boxing bag is a fantastic option. One must surely try a hand at it.

Product Details

The Title Boxing Double End Bag comes with lots of facilities that will leave a boxer amazed. This double end bag has its shell made of a durable synthetic covering. This synthetic cover has the performance of leather and is as long lasting as leather. This leather like synthetic cover has seams which are perfectly welted for that permanent strength. This combination provides durability to the bag and provides resistance against wear and tear. It has triple reinforced loops for hanging. Along with it come nylon top and bottom cords which are covered with rubber for hanging the bag. The attachments are made of metal. The bag has a zipper for closure which has a butyl rubber interior for proving extra durability. The bag is available in two colors of black and red. Get Double End Bags from this category in sizes of 8” and 9”. The bags are marked at a price range of $39.95 – $39.99 only.


Boxing requires good items for practice. Gone are the days of heavy bags for workouts when such bags have taken their places. This bag from Title is a lovely bag with many facilities. It gives the experience of fast and true rebounds necessary for boxing practices. The material is not leather but is as durable and efficient as good quality leather. The material also provides long life to the bag. The bag is convenient in size and can be hung anywhere. It is fit for both home and gym practices. The cords that accompany the bag are bungee cords. The price is amazingly low and thus affordable. For boxing enthusiasts and trainers this boxing bag is the best Double End Bag.


The boxing bag from Title is a good double end bag. The only disadvantage is that it is not made of leather. However, the synthetic covering used in the bag provides as good a protection as leather and as efficient as leather, thus replenishing the need for leather. There is no drawback or disadvantage regarding its overall performance. This is a great product innovation from Title and works very well. This is ideal for coaches and learners both and would be a good recommendation.


This Title Boxing Double End Bag is a great buy for all boxers. One can experience those truer and fast rebounds which are essential for boxing practices. The manufacturers have created a strong and long lasting bag for boxing throughout the year. This is an all the year round bag and ideal for trained boxers as well as learners. It is a fit bag to be suspended anywhere, be it the house or at the gym. It can be included in every day’s workout regimen and recommended for one and all. It works on boxing skills and improves eye and hand coordination. This is a perfect bag from Title.Buy-Now-Button

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