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Title Boxing Double End Bag Package

Title Boxing Double End Bag PackageProduct Introduction

Sports and games are part of life. A true and enthusiastic sportsperson knows the real values of sports items. Boxing has crept into people’s lives from ages. For many boxing bags are the most ideal objects to practice the game as well as to let out their frustrations. The TITLE Boxing Double End Bags has come as a perfect item to suit the purpose. By keeping this simple bulky bag at the corner of the room one can easily use it anytime. Now one can punch it, counter punch it, slip it and reflex. There are different trendy collections in various sizes to choose from. Check the Title Boxing Double End Bags to know which one is the best for you.

Product Details

The Title Boxing Double End Bag is the ideal bag for a boxer. It is made up of complete leather from top to bottom. The bag is attached with double end bag cables on both sides. The bag is stitched thrice with nylon and bears extra reinforced seams. This enables the bag to last long enough. For today’s boxers the bag is available in three different colors – Gold, Red and Black. One can choose the sizes from the three available sizes – 6”, 7” and 9” in diameters respectively. This product meets no parallel for boxing workouts. This amazing workout item can be obtained by a pocket pinch of $57.99 approximately. Get Double End Bags for your workouts.


This boxing bag can be extremely useful and handy for boxers and boxing practisers. The good quality leather used in its make maximizes the longevity of use of the bag. The triple nylon stitches also extends its lifespan. The two cables attached at the two ends make the bag even better for use. It facilitates rebounds and actions at the speed of light. On top of all, there are three different sizes to suit one’s needs. All the three sizes – 6”, 7” and 9” – are small enough to be kept anywhere in the house or at the gym. The Title Boxing Double End Bag is portable enough to be carried anywhere and anytime. This fantastic bag can be used all year round. It makes one fit and supple and keeps him healthy and energetic. This bag is just the thing that every boxer would be crazy over to have for oneself. The ultimate boxing workout regime is right here at the hand and is a must have for boxing workouts.


This boxing bag is ideally made for serious boxing enthusiasts and others may find it to be a bad investment. This bag is full of features and made for actual boxing practices. This bag is otherwise of extreme fun and interest to real sportspersons. Title Boxing Bags has nil or almost no disadvantages to its discredit. This is regarded as one of the best double end bags.


This boxing double end bag is an amazing product from Title and has plenty of uses to its credit. Unlike other boxing bags which are huge, heavy and grotesque in look, this bag from Title is small and good looking. It is light yet extremely useful. The bag bears a high quality material of leather and has multiple uses. The sleek and handsome design imparts a trendy and masculine look to the bag. It is portable. It works like a flash and can be a great experience. The sizes are such that they can be placed anywhere in the house and played with. It comes at an affordable price and can be a great buy for boxers.Buy-Now-Button

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