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Title Boxing Jumbo Ball Double End Bag

Title Jumbo Double-End BagProduct Introduction

Boxing is a sport that requires good practice, skills and concentration to excel in this category. To improve upon the skills and techniques the roles of good sports equipment are unparalleled. Here we have a fantastic workout item in the form of Title Boxing Double End Bag. This air filled huge pomegranate shaped ball is the perfect item for boxing trainings which helps to improve upon skills like straight shots, uppercut, hooks, angles transmissions, jabs and many more such techniques of boxing. This light bag has the quality of many in one and can be included in everyday workout regimes. Coaches and trainers too would find this Double End Bag an excellent innovation from Title and would recommend it in daily workouts.

Product Details

This boxing bag is a superb innovation from Title. It comes in the shape of a large ball filled with air. The ball is completely built of leather of very good quality which provides strength and durability to the ball. The good built ensures long life of the bag and prevents wear and tear from constant uses. The air filled bag is extremely light in weight and can be hung anywhere in the house. This is ideal both for the house as well as the gym. Get Double End Bags of this category along with 2 double end bag cables are also provided for hanging. This Jumbo Boxing bag comes with the facility to work in two ways like the heavy bag and the double end bag respectively. One can buy this bag for only $69.99. It is available at a size of 32” and black in color. Gone are the days of heavy bag workouts when the Jumbo Boxing bag from Title comes with such facilities.


The Title Boxing Double End Bag comes as a superb alternative to many heavy bag workouts. It is as tough as a heavy bag and as efficient as a double end bag. It provides similar resistance as a heavy bag. It is great for practicing various punches and blows and to improvise upon techniques and skills in boxing. It is superbly light in weight. It can be hung up anywhere in the house and is fit for both the house and the gym. It is portable as it can be deflated and inflated as and when required. The price is within one’s budgets and in the same budget comes rubber cables as suspenders. This is a must have for all boxers.


As disadvantage it can be said that it is ideal only for trained boxers and is not apt for beginners. Otherwise this boxing bag is one of the best Double End Bags and comes with no drawbacks. Users have showered praises upon its quality and efficiency. It is a highly rated product. Title has created a wonderful boxing bag both in looks and proficiency.


This is the bag when it comes to boxing. In appearance the Jumbo bag is worthy of praise due to its smart design and texture. In efficiency it requires no words, just testing it. The bag is as durable as it can be. The material of built and texture is great. Although it is light it has the proficiency of a heavy bag. It is ideal for all kinds of workouts. This is a complete workout regime for all especially boxers. This bag comes different from other bags in this category. A wide range of punches and blows can be practiced with ease. The manufacturers have been successful in creating this wonderful and efficient bag for boxers. It comes with no parallel. Customers and users of this bag share their positive feedback on it in all aspects.Buy-Now-Button

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