Title Boxing Mexican Style 2-N-1 Double End Bag Package0

Title Boxing Mexican Style 2-N-1 Double End Bag Package

Mexican Style 2 in 1 Double End BagProduct Introductions

Boxing is a sport for ages. Sports items related to this sport have been round the corner for ages too. The Title Boxing Mexican Style 2-N-1 Double End Bag is an upgraded form of the classic bags of Mexican style design. A boxer can practice the strikes and punches in arsenal and also the various combinations of “upstairs” and “downstairs”. This bag is ideal for boxers to practice the different forms of punches and strikes of the game with ease and convenience. For ages this design has been helpful in building successful boxers all over the world. Even now the style followed in this bag would be helpful for the modern day boxers. This Double End Bag is the right choice for those related to the fighting game.

Product Details

This boxing somewhat looks like a big dumbbell with hooks on both ends. The outer cover is made of complete leather of good quality. The seams are also leather welted. The triple reinforced nylon stitches offer toughness and strength to the bag. These features enable the bag to resist the punches and blows showered on it for many long years to come. The attachment loops on both the ends of the bags are of riveted leather which protects the bag and allow the boxers to train with convenience throughout the year. The twin bladders on both sides are made of butyl rubber and provide hassle free training. Along with the bag comes the top and bottom cables and also the S shaped connecting hooks. The Title Boxing Double End Bag comes in black and measures 22” in length. The sale price of this product is marked at $59.99 only.


This Title Boxing Double End Bag is a fantastic item of use and is full of advantages. Firstly, the Mexican design which has been useful for boxing practices for over decades find home in this bag. This design makes for great practice equipment. The size is convenient for practice. Various different types of punches and blows requiring various skills and techniques can be practiced on this bag with ease and with good results. Along with this product other hardware parts also follow like reinforced rope of nylon, bungee cables made of rubber and attachments for both ceiling and for floor. The whole bag is made of excellent quality genuine leather which makes for its great construction. This double end bag is cost effective and is a good investment.


This bag is a product innovation from the older Mexican Style bag and is an overall excellent product. It is different from the regular boxing bags and move in different ways. Customers however find this impractical to cope with this movement sometimes. This bag is sometimes found to be bulkier than many others and thus a bit impractical for use. Except for such trivial disadvantages there are no problems with the bag at all. The Mexican design is great for serious practice. Get double end bags soon.


The Mexican design that comes in this double end bag’s design is a well known design for effective practice in boxing sports for many years. This bag bears the age old design with modernisations. Its sleek looks impart beauty to the product. The leather is also of high quality and gives strength and durability to the bag. It is one of the best double end bags to practice various combinations of punches and also single punches with agility. It is very much a cost effective bag and a good buy. It is a good workout kit for the gym. It is a must have for boxers and boxing enthusiasts.Buy-Now-Button

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