TITLE Mexican Double End Bag0

TITLE Mexican Double End Bag

Style and Quality in One Boxing Bag: TITLE Mexican Double End BagProduct Introduction

Boxing is a widely loved sport all over the world. Fans and lovers of this game are quite high in number and there are quite a huge number that wants to take up this sport. Good sports equipment is an integral part of any sport and game especially boxing. There are plenty of boxing items already available in the market and many are improvising upon the older ones. The Title Mexican Double End Bag is the latest innovative item from the manufacturer which gives great results. This bag is excellent for those boxers trying to improve upon the hand and eye coordination. It will also be useful in improving other skills and techniques in boxing. This is a multi-use boxing bag and highly useful.

Product Details

This Title Boxing Double End Bag comes in a fantastic Mexican style. The design is sleek and is capable of providing tough challenge to the user. Mexican design is well reputed for decades for its competitiveness and challenging ability. It is rounded at the middle and tappers up north. The “speed bag shape” is useful in imparting accuracy to hand and eye coordination through practice. It improves the accuracy to razor sharpness. The bag is made of complete leather and the seams are reinforced thrice with leather welting which provide extra durability to the entire bag. The interior of the bag is built of latex rubber which provides resilience to the bladder. The bag is accompanied with two hanging cords for attachment and other hardware. Get Double End Bags, of Mexican style, in three sizes which are 5X9 (XS), 6X10 (S) and 7X11 (M) inches respectively. The availability of color is black. The bags are tagged for a price of $49.99 – $54.95 only.


This Mexican styled Title Boxing Double End Bag is highly advantageous for professional boxers. The special design has been useful to boxers for over decades for improving upon their skills. It provides tough challenge to the boxers thus making him ready for the ring. It improves mostly one’s hand and eye coordination essential in this game. The bag is in itself of a good quality due to the material used in making and the strong stitches that bind it together. Included with the bag are hanging cords for attachment and other hardware items. The price is affordable and a great lot is achieved in one time pay. This is certainly a good investment for a serious boxer.


This Mexican styled boxing bag is a great bag but is ideal only for professionals and trained boxers. This is not recommendable for beginners and learners. This is however a tremendously useful item for boxers and have no complaints as such regarding its performance and ability. The bag is challenging and very ideal for serious users. Coaches and instructors would also find it useful. This is a well thought out product manufactured by Title and would go a long way.


The Title Mexican Double End Bag is one of the best Double End Bags in uniqueness and style. The design and style provide challenge to the boxer that is greatly looked for in boxing practices. It is an example of craftsmanship and the results that come are also exemplary. Concentration is extremely necessary for a game like boxing which improves one’s eye and hand coordination. A constant practice on this bag is a sure way to specialize upon this skill. It is a professional item of use and ideal for gym and home practices. The material used in the making provide toughness and resilience to the boxing bag. This product can be helpful to both coaches and learners.Buy-Now-Button

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