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Tuf-Wear Double End Bag

Product IntroductionStylish Boxing Bag: Tuf-Wear Double End Bag

Sports and workouts are related to each other and work together hand in hand. A good workout keeps a person fit, healthy and energized throughout the day. For a sportsperson a workout has more advantages than an ordinary individual. It keeps one fit and supple and improves skills and techniques required in the sport the person is related with. Sports like boxing require different kind of workouts from other sports. The Tuf Wear Boxing Double End Bags are made in such a way that they offer the best kind of workout experience to users. The tough leather bag is good for workouts and wears praises from other users. Gym trainers and trainees will find this bag to be an excellent item.

Product Details

The Double End Bag from Tuf-Wear is a new and unique of its kind and makes for a great workout tool. The look imparts amazement to the viewer. Six rounded sections are compiled completely vertical to give shape to this bag. The sections are made up of total leather, the inside of which are made up of butyl rubber. The butyl rubber helps provide that quick rebound that is felt after the punches and blows. The good quality leather and the rubber provide durability to the whole bag. The seams are reinforced with leather welting. The stitches again are reinforced thrice with nylon threads that ensure strength to the bag. Besides the bag the entire kit includes a nylon top rope, S hooks and attachment loops. According to one’s preference the bag will be available in 2 sizes of 7” and 9” and in a color of black. Get Double End Bags from Tuf-Wear in the range of $42.99 – $64.99 only.


The Tuf Wear Boxing Double End Bags are nothing but advantages. The bag is effective both for beginners and for experienced ones. The leather material is so great that it provides a good feel on touching. It is strong enough to last many years. The matter worth notice is its performance. It provides true and extremely quick rebounds that are essential to improve on skills in boxing. The kit that comes with it is helpful and has good additions. Users will find it to be a good investment. Coaches and trainers may recommend this item to be one of the best Double End Bags.


This wonderful bag comes with lots of praises from users and has little or no disadvantages as such to its discredit. This Double End Bag from Tuf-Wear is a great innovation and a compilation of good ideas. The bag has good texture and built that ensures toughness and long life span of the same. Not just beginners benefit but also the already experienced sportspersons will benefit from it. Even coaches, trainers and instructors will find it a handy and useful item to include in one’s workout regime. The Double End Bag is a sure buy for all.


This Double End Bag from Tuf-Wear is a really innovative item for workout. The looks are unique and highly interesting. It is stylish and handsome in appearance to suit the taste of the modern day users. Not just in use but also in usefulness this bag scores high. The material is tough and stitches strong thus making the bag durable for many years. The true rebounds are amazingly quick to make it a fantastic workout regime. The whole kit is useful and hazard free. Customers have found it to be a good investment. The price is attractive and the performance commendable. There are no complaints regarding the product. This Double End Bag from Tuf-Wear is a commendable workout bag and can be recommended without any hesitation.


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