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Title Boxing Double End Bag Package-h1. Title Boxing Double End Bag: This double end bag is a simple yet effective practice bag for boxing. This can be used to experience actions and rebounds which are super quick. The small size of the bag makes it ideal for high level boxing workouts as well for learners. One can choose this bag from the sizes of 6”, 7” or the classic 9” diameters respectively. There are three colors to choose from too like Gold, Red and Black. The good quality leather exterior and triple nylon stitches make the bag last long. The welted seams provide durability to the bag. Ideal for all workouts this bag is available at a price of $57.99.

Ringside Boxing Double End Bag-h2. Ringside Boxing Double End Bag: If one is on the lookout to develop on his counter punches and quick strikes here is the Ringside boxing Double End Bag at his service. This bag will certainly boost one’s confidence in the ring and make him an advanced and mature boxer. This will work on the boxer’s reflexes, hand and eye coordination and improve upon his skills and techniques. Made of high quality leather the bag will last for years. One can choose from 5”, 7” and 9” according to convenience. This amazing bag is tagged at $49.99 only.

Title Boxing Mexican Style 2-N-1 Double End Bag Package-h3. Title Boxing Mexican Style 2-N-1 Double End Bag: The classic Mexican style double end bag has been a part of fighting games like boxing for many years in the past. This incorporated design provides more punching options and benefits than the traditional bags. The boxer can practice a variety of punches including various combinations of punches and strikes on this bag. It is made of full leather with reinforced stitches and loops for longevity and convenient practice throughout the year. Top and bottom cables and S hooks are also included. This 22” long black air filled bag comes at a price of $79.99 only.

Amber Sporting Goods Professional Double End Bag-h4. Double End Professional Bag: This bag is an excellent double end bag for all kinds of boxing trainings. Throwing punches becomes more convenient now with this bag. Ideal for fast punches. It will work in making a complete boxer. The Double End Professional Bag from Amber is made of all leather with reinforced loops. The seams are welted to provide extra durability. It has lace ups and are lined. The product includes with it a set of bungee cords and S hooks. The bladder is replaceable. It is listed for a price of $55.00 only.

Double End Bag (Speed Ball USA)-h5. Double End Bag (Speed Ball USA): This is a unique form of double end bag. This is an entire set up unit consisting of a PVC bladder which is laser welded with nylon reinforcements, adjustable hooks and ceiling hardware. It can hold water up to 45 pounds. It also consists of elastic bungee cords of 6mm width. The double end bag is made of 9 inch vinyl and weighs 6 ounces. It is very light in weight and works extremely fast. The whole set up is adjustable to 10 feet which makes it convenient for use for people of all heights. This is an ideal home set up unit. It will liven up every day workouts.

Tuf-Wear Double End Bag-h6. Tuf Wear Double End Bag: This double end bag works in a way to give extremely fast rebounds at a rapid rate during the workouts. It gives the experience of quick and true rebounds. The bag is made up of a compilation of six rounded sections vertically piled up. The bag is made of leather with welted seams and nylon stitches. It is available in 2 sizes of 7” and 9” diameters and is black color. The entire unit is available at a price of $49.99 only.

Title Boxing Jumbo Ball Double End Bag-h7. Title Boxing Jumbo Ball: This air filled double end bag is perfect for throwing various kinds of punches like straight shots, perfect uppercuts, hooks, angled transmission, jabs and a lot more. This bag though super light in weight has the capacity to work like both the double end bag and the heavy bag. This jumbo bag serves as a break from heavy bag workouts. Accompanying this product are double end bag cables for suspending it. This bag can be set up both at the gym and at home. This 32” black color bag can be obtained at a price of $69.99 only.

Title Boxing Classic Advanced Double End Bag-h8. Title Boxing Classic Advanced Double End Bag: This double end bag performs an array of actions. It is best for experiencing rapid speed and true rebounds. This is professionally balanced. The cover is synthetic with seams that are welted and nylon stitches. It however works and lasts like leather. Comes with are reinforced hanging loops, covered hanging cords and metal attachments. The rubber bladder is closed inside by a zipper. The bag comes in 8” and 9” and can be chosen according to convenience. It comes in 2 colors of black and red. It is priced in the range of $39.95 – $39.99 only.

TITLE Mexican Double End Bag-h9. Title Boxing Mexican Double End Bag: This bag comes in what in traditionally called “speed ball” shape. The Mexican design which is reputed in boxing trainings for decades is more challenging than others. It improves the boxer’s eye and hand coordination and punching accuracy. This bag is ideal for professional players. It is made of full leather of high quality with leather welted seams and triple reinforcements. The inner bladder is ultra-thin and made of resilient latex rubber. It is available in black and sizes of 5X9, 6X10 and 7X11 inches respectively. This challenging bag can be obtained for $49.99 only.

Ringside Cleto Reyes Double End Bag-h10. Ringside Cleto Ryes Double End Bag: This particular double end bag is an excellent workout bag for boxing. This specializes in improving the boxer’s punching precision and keeps the boxer in focus. It also improves one’s hand and eye coordination to a great extent. The bag is extremely light weight and compact. The product includes with it 2 double end bag cables of rubber. This light weight bag measures 7” X 11” in dimensions and weighs 9.6 ounces only. This double end bag is set for a price of $109.99.

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